Where Is Tech Going in 2016?

Where is tech going in 2016?

With the introduction this year to Oculus Rift and Microsoft Halolens, the gaming industry will continue to evolve. In the 1970’s there was the Magnavox Odyssey, today there is the Wii U, XBox One and the Playstation 4.  But, instead of just playing these games, with these virtual reality headsets, you can now be part of the game!

Microsoft Halolens will also be used in conjunction with the Internet of Things (IoT). It will be used and is already being used to build things like cars, building and more. Manufacturers have embraced the wearable headset including Google Glass and there’s much more to come on the horizon.

And that’s not all you are going to feel you are part of in 2016.  Take a look at the media. The New York Times sent thousands of Google Box devices in late 2015, they changed the face of the news.  Readership for newspapers has dwindled and The New York Times along with Google decided to do something about it. They decided to bring the news to you while looking through the device. Cardboard enables the viewer to watch anything in 360 degrees.  You insert your mobile device into this cardboard box that costs under $30 and through a viewfinder, you can experience the news.  The latest video on Google Box is called Flight, where you will feel like you’re flying. What makes this interesting?  You now will observe the news in first person instead of reading it in third person.

Take a look at your house. Most of the appliances in 2016 will be part of the IoT. Washing Machines and Dryers are being connected to your iPad or mobile device where you can monitor the progress. Or what about the Nest?  This smart device controls your home’s temperature by scheduling and using your mobile device to control it. And, at the Consumer Electronic Show this week, I’m sure many other companies will premiere their smart devices as well.  Many of the appliances in 2016 will be “smart” and they will just keep getting smarter!

I didn’t talk about the television or the lights yet. Now, you can no longer get a television (or it’s rare anyway) that isn’t connected to the Internet.  Most folks have WiFi in their homes (because cable makes it so inexpensive to have a bundle) and the television can play videos on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and even sort through your family photos that are stored in the cloud.

One of the coolest things is the integration with the Hue light bulb, made by Philips. It’s crazy how lighting is now smart too! Certain shows like Twelve Monkeys and The Expanse work hand in hand with the lights. So for example, if there is a gory bloody scene your entire room will turn red.  When the mood calls for low lighting, the lights turn. It enables you to get more connected to the show in a somewhat subliminal way.

Oh and what about Amazon Echo’s Alexa? Alexa is your personal assistant in the home that keeps track of lists, gives you the day’s news and weather, answers questions found on the internet and will even tell you a joke!

Wearables will be a term of the past because everyone will be wearing technology, therefore, it will be mainstream. The fitness industry has already embraced wearable technology with the FitBit, Shine, Vivofit and dozens of others. I wear a Garmin 920xt Smart Watch which enables me to track my training, post on a training site and lets my coach to view my results without even being near me.

Where are we going?  Everything is getting smarter. As things get smarter, they will start to connect with wearable devices like headsets (Google Glass is my favorite) and watches, like the iWatch, so that you can control your home and things around you by being anywhere.

It’s an exciting time and 2016 holds some real interesting possibilities. Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.





  • Jerrythegeek

    I had the Magnavox Odyssey back in the 1970s when i was a kid. Was fun to play.

    The IoT is more and more relevant today.

    AITP of Long Island/NYC is going to have an event on that subject on Match 22. I will get more details as I find out.