Wearable Tech and the Fitness Industry

Wearable tech seems to be the perfect match for anyone into health and fitness. From bracelets that measure your blood pressure to monitoring your every step, the mainstream have welcomed wearables into their lifestyle.

You do see people wearing smart watches too but most use their FitBit, Jawbone or Garmin that incorporates a watch but its main focus is to track your daily fitness.

I’ve tried most of these bands but the one that I’m most impressed with these days is the Garmin 920xt.  I wear it most of the time, even if I’m not working out and even if it does nothing more than just be a watch.

20160131_124040_resizedThe Garmin 920xt is a great tool for someone who swims, bikes and runs. Here’s a quick overview of what the watch does:

Before you enter a pool, you need to program in the size of the pool.  Is it a 25 yard pool? 25 meters? or 50 meters? During the swim, you can use the Garmin 920xt for drills, which I like because it enables you to see your pace each time.  If you have it in standard mode, it shows you your laps, distance and time.

The watch is great for the bike.  If you have a power meter, the watch will track your power.  If you don’t have one, you need to get a cadence tracker and it will monitor that as well. So with your heart rate and your cadence, you should be good to go.

The run with the Garmin 920xt has lots of different options including a run/walk alert and metronome to track your cadence when you run. The metronome will beep or vibrate depending on your settings. It also measures your speed, heart beat, time, etc.

What I think is really awesome about the Garmin 920xt is that it connects directly with a product called Training Peaks.  This is a tracker to measure your training activity.  The interesting thing about this, is that if you have a coach, it will send messages to him or her after you finish your workout.

The other interesting thing that the watch does is it tracks you. So if you’re doing a long run, you can provide your partner with access and he/she can track you.  This is particularly nice for a race too.

You know how they say that wearables won’t catch on until you leave it home and you have to turn around? Well, this one is something that once you have and leave at home, you will turn the car around to go back and get it!