SafeBand: The Entire Personal Security Solution

Hideez, a company that develops hardware and software technology, has officially launched an all-in-one safety wearable device called SafeBand. SafeBand is a multi-functional wristband that allows you to lock your phone/laptops, operate as a personal safety device, acts as an activity tracker and sends messages in real time.

SafeBand is the first of its kind where a safety wearable device directly synchronizes with a smartphone allowing users to maintain complete control. The tracking system prevents anything the SafeBand is connected to from being lost or stolen. It blocks your smartphone and computer from anyone who might try to access it, keeping all of your private information safe. When an intruder tries to get into your smartphone, computer, or other valuable, the SafeBand system not only prevents them from gaining access, it also activates your technology’s built-in cameras to capture the intruder.

SafeBand also keeps your children, valuables and data protected by notifying you when tagged objects are at risk. It engages with other Bluetooth devices and is developed specifically so that you don’t have to worry about all the complicated stuff and is quick and easy to set up. It takes the best of every complex and traditional wearable and combines them in perfect simple form. It is unique in the sense that it works both as a peripheral device for the smartphone and the master device for the SafeTag.

The SafeTag is a small device that is completely independent of the smartphone but is connected directly to the SafeBand. It can control the location, acceleration and proximity of tagged objects, protecting valuables from being lost, forgotten or stolen. Each tag is controlled by the main device, and if anything tagged strays too far from the SafeBand, the device will immediately vibrate keeping you in the know at all times.

When connecting to devices, whether it’s a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth, the band or SafeTag works as an identifier meaning computers and smartphones are locked and unlocked automatically based on the proximity to the SafeBand.

SafeBand is made of stainless steel with straps coming in a multitude of colors (black, white, red and brown) and strap variations of leather and double turn leather. The band can also be custom designed for various wrist sizes.

A 30 day crowdfunding campaign to fund $35,000 US dollars for the production of SafeBand was launched on Indiegogo on July 20, 2015 with an early bird deal of $69 (including free shipping within the US), originally retailing at $119 + shipping.