Product Review: Smart Rope

Everything these days are getting smarter — the car, the television, the washing machine and now even the jump rope!

20151122_134852The jump rope has been around since the beginning of time and became very popular from the 1940’s and 50’s. According to the Jump Rope Institute, it wasn’t until the 1970’s that jumping rope became an important part of exercise. It’s a great warm up before a long run or a strength training routine.

Since then, the jump rope hasn’t changed much until just recently when a new product by Tangram came out on the market. The product, called Smart Rope, is new, innovative and a fun way to get in your exercise while competing with others around the world and in your own backyard!

Smart Rope is a cord which has sensors on the bottom connected to two wide handles. The handles come in a variety of funky colors; mine is silver and very high tech looking. The handles are rather large, larger than most traditional jump ropes.  On the sample I tested, I also found the cord to be long too. However, you can purchase them in different sizes according to your height.

20151121_113002The app is rather clever. Called Smart Gym, it can download for either Apple or Android and enables you to watch as your fitness level continues to rise.

The app includes:

  • Basic Count – this records who many jumps you made
  • Interval training – this will recommend the levels
  • Awards – this is when you unlock awards as you improve
  • Competition – here you can compete against your friends
  • Leaderboard – here you can see how you rank against other users no matter where they live
  • History – records your fitness performance over time.

It’s very user friendly and makes a lot of sense. I noticed that when I charged up the Smart Rope and didn’t use the USB that came with the rope, the rope didn’t charge. But when I used the right USB, it charged with no problem.

I know this has nothing to do with the product but I was also impressed with the box it came in and the little handy bag. It showed me that the company cared about the details, which is important for a tech company.

I’m not the best jumper around, but I found that the connected rope made it more interesting to jump. I would say this is a game changer to the jumping community.  It’s a great way to warm up before a run or before a strength training session. If you want to start jumping or just want something as a warm up, I would recommend getting Smart Rope. It would make a great holiday gift as well.

Smart Rope retails for $89.99 on the Smart Rope web site.