Product Review: Panasonic Massage Chair

I recently had the opportunity to try out  the Panasonic Household Massage Lounger. I had tried out several competitor brands at the Sharper Image and have been impressed.  This massage lounger really impressed me.

20151211_082925First off, when the massage chair is not in use, it turns into a real lounger that is comfortable and lifts from the leg rest and also goes back into a bed.

When it’s time for a massage, you flip the leg rest around so that your feet fit snug into a pocket and the comfy panel on the back lifts up and hangs behind the chair. The chair has a computer that tells you exactly what to do and how to use the chair.

The chair has an on/off switch that is on a panel that sits besides the chair. It also has a quick stop in case it’s too much and you want to stop. There are six different programs to choose from including – refresh (which is for a mild massage); deep (for a deep tissue massage); Shiatsu (for a very deep massage); hip (which focuses on your hips): neck/shoulder; and lower back.

The chair scans your body and then starts to work rolling, taping, ultra kneed and more. You can also choose a manual massage where you can push the buttons to tell the chair the exact areas you need work on. Or, you can have an air massage, which uses compression on certain areas like your hips, legs, arms and shoulders. There’s even a stretching component to the chair. If you like something, you can have the chair repeat.

What I love most are the heated rollers. They roll across your back and they are like having a hot stone massage.

These chairs are pricey but if you watch for a deal, you can get one that is reasonably priced. Would I buy the chair? Yes, I would, especially as a triathlete, I feel like I have aches and pains all the time and a little 15 minute massage every day would be a big help!

The retail price is $5999.95 on the Panasonic web site.