New Bionic Wearable Knee Brace

Spring Loaded Technology recently announced the launch of its lightweight and compact bionic knee brace, Levitation™.

The launch signals a new era of affordable consumer bionics, enabling augmented strength and mobility for people around the world. Levitation™  looks like any other knee brace but unlike other products, stores kinetic energy as users bends their knee and returns that energy as they straighten their leg. The result is augmented leg muscle strength, reduced fatigue, and injury prevention useful in a variety of athletic and everyday situations.

“We wanted to create a powerful spring loaded knee brace that was affordable and could benefit everyone” said award winning scientist and CEO, Chris Cowper-Smith. Chris and his partner Bob Garrish, CTO, have led the Spring Loaded Technology team during the past  three years to  develop the bionic technology behind Levitation™. “Along the way we tried metal springs, polymers, and even gas springs, none of which were quite right,” says Cowper-Smith. “Eventually we developed a new type of liquid spring that allowed us to keep our brace light, powerful, and compact.

Designed with the individual in mind, Spring Loaded Technology used ultra thin, lightweight carbon fiber to create Levitation™ so that it can be seamlessly used in almost any activity. Available in sizes XS through XXL, the brace’s sleek design allows individuals to wear it under their clothing and continue with their everyday routine unhindered. Levitation’s™ mechanical hinge  is the secret to making the brace bionic, and works by storing energy when the user bends their knees, and returning that energy in a customizable way with the extension of the leg. The result is a product that simultaneously augments the natural power of the quadriceps (thigh muscles) while increasing endurance and preventing injury.

Individuals plagued with knee injuries or a movement disability can use Levitation to improve mobility and reduce pain. Athletes can benefit from heightened endurance, increased performance, and injury prevention. Even workers accustomed to repetitive movements, such as bending, crouching, or heavy lifting, will notice the ease of motion as Levitation™ provides an extra burst of energy combined with increased joint stability and shock absorption.

Levitation™ is based on similar technology found in the firm’s military grade, bionic knee brace,UpShot. While Spring Loaded recently secured a contract to supply UpShot to the Canadian Forces, the release of Levitation™ on Indiegogo represents the launch of Spring Loaded’s consumer product line.

Shipping for pre-orders of Levitation™ begins in June of 2016. Click here for more information.