New Sweetflexx Wearable Tech Pant Review

When the package arrived from Sweetflexx, I was surprised to see how light the tights were. I had read about the product and thought that the material would be much heavier.

20160326_203456_resizedYou see, Sweetflexx is a wearable tech that enables the wearer to actually lose weight and get tone at the same time. The product is scientifically engineered to include stretching bands within the product. When the legs move, this creates resistance thus making the muscles work harder.

I love the inventor’s story. His grandfather made the first tricycle for children with Cerebral Palsy. With his grandfather’s entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to invent a product that would be specifically for the busy person to tone up and burn calories wearing these products.

The Sweetflexx that I have are black and have stirrups for the feet. They look great and they feel even better. I’m sure they would also be perfect for recovery after a tough workout.

I can definitely see wearing them with a long sweater and boots. They are comfortable to wear all day and while you’re wearing them you’re working out at the same time. So, you look great, you feel great and you’re working out? What could be better than that?

They are priced right at $98 a pair and you can get them on the website at They are available for men and for women.


  • Brenda Smith

    Priced right? Must be nice to think of $98 as a good price. Everything good is for the wealthy.