New Indoor Drone Launched

8ye7u9xgNorthwestern University startup Eighty Nine Robotics launched an indoor drone. Rook is the world’s first distantly-controlled drone for the home. It allows users to see what’s going on in their home from anywhere in the world right from their smartphone!

Different software capabilities run on the cloud to allow users to choose how they want to use this drone technology. For example, with motion detection and face recognition, Rook can be used as a flying security camera, allowing users to investigate disturbances in the home. With scheduled flight routines, Rook can also be used as a pet monitor or to check to see if a stove is on or a garage is closed.

In light of a number of recent drone startup failures, Jackie Wu, who founded and serves as CEO of Eighty Nine Robotics, said, “Several other drone startups tried to reinvent the wheel, and subsequently failed to deliver because of supply chain and technical feasibility problems. In contrast, we’re building Rook using existing supply chains and off-the-shelf components. This approach will allow us to make good on our promise to backers to deliver an exciting, useful product on time.”

Check out this video for more information.

Rook is currently available for $99.