New App Helps People Make Exercise a Habit

Ludus_Appstore_Pictures_1242x2208_2New App Helps People Make Exercise a Habit

Appic, a London-based digital health startup, is committed to helping people make exercise a habit. This is the perfect app for someone who don’t like going to the gym.

Ludus turns a user’s phone into an Artificial Intelligence-Powered wearable fitness coach by providing real-time guidance with actionable insights into their workouts, offering data about how many repetitions they’ve completed and how they can improve them.

A Ludus user can strap their phone around their arm and get started to receive personalized insight into their workout. Results are synced across devices, offering various exercise recommendations and goal-based programs.

“The adaptive nature of the app’s tailored fitness programs means that it’s suited to people just starting with home workouts or looking to take themselves to the next level. Ludus workouts can be done anytime, anywhere as it requires little to no equipment by focusing on integrated, whole body movements using your own weight,” said the Appic team.

Ludus_Appstore_Pictures_1242x2208_1Wearable devices are enhancing the well-beings of people by helping them safely and effectively perform personalized exercises without the need for stepping into a gym. While many such devices require a hardware counterpart, Ludus only requires a smartphone and the app. Users can optionally connect to an Apple TV to see their moves on-screen.

Gabor Barany, co-founder and CEO of Appic, said, “Ludus runs on iOS devices, and can display interactive videos on any Apple TV screens and sense motion additionally from the Pebble watch.We plan to extend the list of supported devices will include the Apple Watch, Microsoft Band and Android Wear smartwatches.”

The team behind the Ludus app offers a wealth of health and fitness experience. “I’ve been working as a qualified fitness coach for 5 years now. I’ve worked with more than 1,500 people in transforming their bodies and trained many fitness trainers. I’m proud of Ludus because it helps people exercise properly and has a real impact on their habits.” said Attila Szigligeti, Ludus master trainer.

Ludus is a freemium app, meaning that users can use it for free forever, and additional features can be activated with in-app purchases. Extra features include HD video, priority support, extra sessions, and more. Ludus is now available from the App Store at

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