Miragii Smart Necklace Displays Your Messages & Calls

Miragii is an elegantly-designed and fashion forward smart necklace that looks like a pendant. Made for those with a busy lifestyle, Miragii comes with a built in micro projector that displays texts and calls directly onto one¹s hand.  The discreet Bluetooth earpiece syncs with one¹s smartphone and allows phone calls without having to pull one¹s phone out of their pocket or purse.

With its patented technology, once the Bluetooth is paired with a smartphone, a user can listen to calls or play their favorite music hands-free using the detachable earpiece. When a text message or call comes in, the user puts their palm up to the necklace and the message or call will project onto their hand. Then with a gesture of their hand they can decide whether or not they want to answer. If the wearer wants to take the call, they take out the removable small Bluetooth earpiece from the pendant, place it in their ear and they are ready to talk. 

The necklace also includes a battery that will recharge one¹s Bluetooth earpiece for extended talk time. The Bluetooth earpiece has premiere sound quality and it’s easy to answer by tapping on the earpiece.

“We designed Miragii for today¹s busy and active lifestyle,” said Zhan Li, founder of Miragii. “We have our smartphones but frankly, taking your phone everywhere is not practical and can be bulky. Wearable technology is becoming the trend in the jewelry space and we wanted to make something that was not only a statement piece but got people talking. The person that wears Miragii is elegant, smart and in tune with today¹s business reality. We are on track towards delivering a product with which users will fall in love and embrace as a must-have device during the holiday season.”

The Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 consecutive days with the goal of raising $75,000. Contributors will be able to pledge $139 or more for Miragii, with special custom packages that include rose gold, silver flowers or custom Lorenzo design. The Miragii team plans to begin delivery of the first Miragii necklaces in December 2015. For more information on the Kickstarter campaign, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/miragii/miragii-smart-necklace-with-bluetooth.

Features and benefits

Technology that meets luxury fashion: The necklace was designed exclusively for Miragii by a prestigious San Francisco artist. The necklace is made of Zirconia ceramic, an allergy-free material primarily utilized by the dental industry. Ceramic is highly durable. In addition, Lorenzo Group – a retail jewelry designer – provided Miragii with custom designed necklaces. These necklaces include 18k gold and 925 silver providing a beautiful look combined with leading edge micro technology.

A micro-projection and sensor technology to display texts and calls directly on your hand: Miragii has a built in micro-projector and sensor that allows a user¹s texts and calls to be displayed right on their hand.

Patented design conceals Bluetooth earpiece inside the necklace, allowing the user to take calls or listen to music: Relaxing at home or on the road just became easier with Miragii. If one wants uninterrupted talk time, then Miragii has a dual-functionality system where one can switch to listening to music. When they are done listening to music, they can then take or make a call.

Hand gestures that allow the user to reject a call with a simple hand gesture over the necklace: Have you ever been in an important business meeting or doing homework with the kids? Then you know how annoying those sales calls can get. There may be that time when one does not want to take a call and that is just fine with Miragii. With a simple hand gesture, the user can reject a call and go back to conducting the business at hand.

Necklace recharges the Bluetooth earpiece for extra battery life: The necklace conveniently recharges the Bluetooth earpiece so you never have to worry about extra battery life. In fact, the earpiece talk time is one hour and the standby time is up to three days.

Multiple wearable options include using a standard black cord or silver or gold chain: Miragii comes in many classy, high-end designs and colors. Choose from Zirconia ceramic or 18k gold and silver.

A designer packaged box that includes a necklace, selected chain, charger and instructions: With the holidays approaching, Miragii makes the perfect gift! The packaging is as elegant as the necklace.

³Wearable technology has become the hottest trend in the jewelry world, but it has to be done right and be practical to want to wear it every day. There are certain smart necklaces on the market that have LED indications only. Miragii takes this to the next level by combining micro-projection with Zirconia, so those who wear the necklace can actually see texts coming in. With the design from the Lorenzo Group, Miragii brings in authentic jewelry material, like silver or gold. So far, every wearable tech device has failed to deliver the power of both LED and micro-projection. There were a few that tried to come to market, but they didn¹t have a working prototype and we do. We expect Miragii to be the first to not only deliver with technology built correct on a mass production level, but become a statement piece that one enjoys wearing,² stated Li.

Miragii is compatible with the Bluetooth Wireless Android 4.4 and Apple 4s or newer. The actual size of the necklace is: 48(H) x 48(W) x 15(T) and the weight is 45g-17(T), 50g making it functional for today¹s modern woman or man.