Check Out Wearable Technology UX2015 in Seattle

Do you know why some wearables fail? One of the main reasons is because of a poor user experience.

In this particular industry, the user experience is such an important component of a wearable’s longevity. It could make or break a device. Think about it- if users aren’t making their wearable tech device an important part of their lives, they’re less likely to share it with their community or worse- they’ll discuss a negative experience.

Wearable Technology UX 2015, held in Seattle, WA, on 10/1-10/2-15, will be bringing together companies of all sizes to specifically focus on this important factor – the user experience.

Spread throughout two days, more than 400+ user experience designers, fashion executives, senior managers, electrical engineers, investors, medical device developers, textile manufacturers and more will be exploring the latest features, programs and more that enhance the user experience.

Designated speakers, such as: Stacey Burr, Vice President of Wearable Sports Electronics at Adidas, Bill Buxton, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, Chris Linnet, Director of Design at Spotify and Jen Ohlson, Co-Founder and President of Interactive Health Technologies (which we’ve interviewed on Wearable on Air-, will lead the conversation on wearables and how they can benefit their users.

Various topics that will be covered at WTUX 2015 include:

  • Human Centered Design for Technologies on the Body (Day one)
  • Setting the Environment for User Experiences (Day one)
  • Behavior Change Through Technology (Day one)
  • Gender and Wearables – women and technology (Day two)
  • Technologies Affecting the way Humans Interact with the Digital World (Day two).

If you’re interested in learning more about the user experience process and what it will be like in the future, purchase your ticket today! Visit