Are Smart TV’s Secure?

Smart TVs are great because they are intuitive, provide an easy way to check out sites on the web and connect to apps that can save you money. However, in the past few months, these TVs have raised concerns. Back in February, Samsung’s Smart TVs were all over the media due to the camera capabilities that had the potential of recording your conversations and sending them to third parties, even when the device was turned off. They quickly offered an alternative to fix this concern- simply deactivating the voice command. 

But, what if there’s an even bigger issue with these TVs? 

These TVs are often connected to our networks and sometimes, used to access personal information online. Some researchers warn that hackers can access this information through security flaws on these TVs. Craig Young, Cybersecurity Researcher at Tripwire has some advice for both consumers and businesses using Smart TVs in their daily routines- 


*Keep your Smart TVs off of the main network. 

*USB ports should not be exposed. Anyone can place a USB in with programs capable to hack the TV. 

*Disable the voice commands and cameras as they can become “sources for espionage from competitors.” 

*Don’t use the teleconference software bundled in the TV. Utilize tradition teleconference solutions. 


*Place your Smart TV on a guest network. 

*Ensure that your TV has the latest version of software available. 

*Disable the voice and camera commands. 

By staying one step ahead of the hackers and vulnerabilities, consumers and businesses can continue to enjoy their Smart TVs. 

Have you taken your Smart TV off of the network? Tell us how you’ve protected your data from hackers.