Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media & Design

HJMT_newHJMT Public Relations Inc. is a firm I started 24 years ago with a baby on my lap in my one bedroom apartment.  Today, the firm has nearly 10 employees and we are located in NYC’s Union Square and on Long Island.  We represent clients from LA and San Francisco to New York City and Florida. We also represent international clients.

We tend to focus on clients in the technology, healthcare and energy fields but we accept clients in any discipline.

HJMT PR loves attention from our clients because the more we know about you, the better we can serve you.  We love attention from the media because we offer great content and sources and appreciate their respect of our firm.  And, we love attention from our consumers who follow us on social media and trust us to bring them great information that they can use either in their businesses or in their lives.

If you’re interested in working with my firm, please contact us at 347-696-0220 email me at, tweet me @hilary25 or visit our website at

We’d love to help you get the attention you deserve!